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Major Arcana: THE STAR (Jessica Moore)


Card name: THE STAR
Author: maiafire
Character: Jessica Moore
Medium: Collage, paper, flowers, textiles, acrylic, beads, glitter(!)

Artist Notes:
For this piece, I used the "wishful thinking" and "hope" aspects of the card, so it's designed to be an idyllic memory that Sam has of Jessica (but because I'm a sadistic so-and-so, its tinged with a bit of tragedy too).
One of the basic features of THE STAR card is a woman holding two urns. In this card I' have Jessica toasting with a glass instead, while the other sits of the table near her.
The background of the piece is black card to add a bit of darkness and also to resemble a starry sky at the top. Then there are vertical lines of torn pale blue fibrous paper to add a bit of interest. At the top, I created a sort of archway with the two blue shapes either side. These are stock photos of flames with the colour changed to blues instead of reds as a bit of foreshadowing to Jessicas death. The red beads falling doen on the left hand side are not only to match the ones that she is wearing but also to foreshadow her blood dripping on Sam at the end of the Pilot.
The faint colourful shape that crosses diagonally behind Jess is a map of California which I transferred onto acetate using image transfer paste. I prefer doing this than just photocopying as it gives it a rougher less-pixellated look and can also lead to "happy accidents", although its very time confusing as you have to spend hours dampening the paper and peeling it off a tiny bit at a time while taking care not to tear the transferred image.
And then there's the smurfs. Of course I had to have the Smurfs in a Jess card. :-)
The flowers are pressed flowers which are to symbolise feminity, but at the same time they themselves are dead and faded which I wanted to add another sense of foreshadowing. The halo of stars around Jess' head are all sequins. There are also two vertical pieces of pale blue netting over the whole thing on either side just to soften the image (particularly the red of the beads)
I was going to play around with the saturation of the whole thing in photoshop but decided to leave it as it was and just scanned it and then cropped it to size.

P.S. I was also going to feature a cookie somewhere but I ate the packet and had none left to use. ;-)
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