July 5th, 2010

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Nine of Swords: The Crossroads Demon

Card name: Nine of Swords
Author: dauntdraws 
Prompt: Crossroads Demon
Rating: G

Basic Card Description
"A man wakes from a nightmare, nine swords on the wall. It can be a good thing to find what you seek, except when it comes to ideas, words or problems. Find too many of them and they will overwhelm you. We all know this card, it is the one where we wake up at night and go over our troubles, problems, worries, thoughts, what we said, what others said. The Querent must be told that while their problems may be real, they're blowing them out of proportion, making them worse, nightmarish. They are spending too many sleepless nights alone and awake with these words, ideas, problems. What they are really seeking is to wake from this bad dream - which they can do by realizing that it is a bad dream - most of it is in their head."

Basic Card Symbols
swords, roses, defeated swordsman, astrological symbols

Artist Notes:
Well the description of this card doesn't have much object oriented symbolism other than the swords. The quilt though, has roses and astrological symbols on it. The bed itself has a carving of one swordsman being defeated by another.

Roses in tarot can symbolize purity, also passion and desire. But here the idea is that it appears that the only way to reach the roses (passion/desire/purity/clarity) is to cut oneself on the swords and the thorns.

The Crossroads Demon feeds on our fears and insecurities and the Nine of Swords represents the precipice of a choice. The recipient of the card may be suffering from internal pains and mental suffering they have inflicted upon themselves. They can either overcome this pain or fall prey to their fear and lose themselves. Behind the Crossroads Demon is the crossroads, bathed in the light of dusk and waiting for a choice.

The sky is full of stars, touching again on the presence of the astrological signs in the original card. I kept the Demon grey toned, I really wanted her to stand out from the neon-like colors of the background.  I'm hoping it came off as nightmareish!

I hope all my ramblings make sense, I wanted to make sure this design adequately got across the purpose and meaning of the card. :)  Thanks guys!

Alt. The Hanged Man: Ruby & Sam

Card: The Hanged Man
Characters: Sam/Ruby
Medium: Watercolor, pencils, pen
Rating: PG 13
Spoilers: Spoilers for season 4
Warnings: Blood & Sammy nipple!
Special Thanks: To my sister for posing as Ruby.


The idea for this came from the fact that in some tarot decks the Hanged Man card is known as the Traitor card.
The traditional meaning of the Hanged Man card had a few points that I thought fitted Ruby's character in season 4 (particularly while Dean is still in Hell):
(1) that firstly, although the man hanging from the tree looks like he should be in pain, his face expresses deep entrancement, not suffering. The figure in the Hanged Man card, as a whole, suggests life in suspension, but life and not death. It has also been called the card of "The Great Work". No one plays the long con in Supernatural as well as the demons do, and Ruby is a perfect example. She is lying in a crappy hotel room, having her blood sucked out of her by someone she should despise and yet she is calm and collected and patient because her actions will lead to the freeing of her Master from his cage in hell.
One of y friends pointed out to me that the Hanged Man in the card could also be Sam himself as he is inadvertently "hanging himself" by succumbing to Ruby's influence, or that the Hanged Man could also refer to Dean who is being tortured in hell at this moment, and is conspicuous in the picture because of his absence.
Me? I'm happy to go along with all those interpretations, but I can't say that they were intentional. ;-D
P.S. The tin at the end of the bed is meant to be the one that Sam buries at the crossroads. It doesn't fit in with the timeline of Ruby and Sam sleeping together (unless he dug it up again and thats just...odd) but I felt it had to be in there somewhere.

Let there be prompts!

EDIT: Due to the speed at which new prompts have been snapped up Im afraid that we are not accepting any new sign ups for a few weeks. We will have some new prompts being released on August 1st so if you are keen to do a card please keep in touch and keep your eyes peeled for the prompts when they are posted.
Thanks guys and keep up the awesome work!

Wow, well those prompts I listed a couple of days ago have almost all been snapped up already, soooo......heres some more for you hungry artists!

Ww still have just one alternate Court cards prompt left:

King of Cups (Contact miki_moo with character ideas if interested)

We welcome all character suggestions for this card, however Cups generally represent emotions, dreams, family, love, so the character choice should reflect at least some of these qualities.

As mentioned before, this is on a first come, first serve basis. We will probably have some more prompts becoming avaliable in a month or so, but we hope this will inspire you in the meantime.

And if you are looking for another card to do, here are some as yet unrepresented characters that may suit other cards (with new added characters):

MADGE AND EDWARD CARRIGAN (Very Supernatural Christmas)
NICK (Lucifers vessel)
DEMIAN & BARNES (The Real Ghostbusters)
SHERIFF JODIE MILLS (Dead Men don't wear plaid)
LENORE (Blood lust)

Also, just a quick reminder that we welcome all mediums in the project. So far we have had collage, digital work, painting, etching and yarn! So if anyone has an idea for a chibi card (how cool would chibi!Ghostfacers be?), a pencil drawing, ink and watercolour, felt tips, finger painting....(can't think of anymore at the moment), its all welcome!

Kripke's Angels, team freewill

King of Wands and Four of Swords

Card: King of Wands
Prompt: Castiel
Artist:vixengeraldine (border and scroll by bt_kady)
Rating: G
Artist's Note: It was quite a lot fun working on this card, can't really complain when your research work involved looking at lots of pictures of guns and Misha. I decided quite early on to include an annular eclipse (aptly named "ring of fire") to up the fiery factor.

Card: Four of Swords
Prompt: The Four Horsemen
Artist:vixengeraldine (border and scroll by bt_kady)
Rating: G
Artist's Note: This is the first card I did, but I was so excited to work on King of Wands I forgot to post it (oops, sorry mods!) I had the most fun coming up with the design of the fantasy swords.

Hope you like my cards, comments are <333