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Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles
Artist: slaysvamps 
Prompt: Ghostfacers!
Artist Note: When I first looked at the Ten of Pentacles, I was a little put off because while I enjoy the Ghosfacers, they're not my favorite Supernatural characters. Then I looked at the card meaning, and had the perfect image in my mind that I think translated very well to the card.

The Ten of Pentacles stands for the ultimate in worldly and material success. While my card does not show common representations for the Ten of Pentacles, I believe the comfortable armchairs, the tuxedos, and the fireplace are all representative of what this card stands for. With the Ten of Pentacles, we have 'arrived' to prosperity and wealth. The Ghostfacers have built what they feel is a strong foundation, with an intense focus and an unshakable commitment, which this card represents. They believe they also have planned for the future using a diplomatic leadership, whether they've actually done so or not, and an empathy for all group members, as shown by how they handled the dead intern. Business success, financial security, flourishing ventures, material abundance, wealth and affluence are within their grasp at last.
Tags: minor arcana: pentacles
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