I'm a rooster illusion. (getyourguns) wrote in spn_tarot,
I'm a rooster illusion.

Pentacles: Page of Pentacles

Card name: Page of Pentacles
Author: getyourguns
Prompt: Brady
Rating: G

Artist Notes: This is my first card for this project. I'd been watching the comm and when Brady became available again, I had to grab it. Brady is one of my favourite characters from this past season even though we only see him for such a short time.
I took some liberties with this pentacles card - the original description is "is a young man who stands alone in a field full of freshly blossoming flowers. Behind him in the distance to his right is a grove of lush trees, probably fruit bearing trees of some sort, and to his left lies a newly furrowed field which promises an abundant harvest". Obviously there are not going to be a lot of blossoming flowers and lush fruit trees when there's a demon present, so I threw him in a dark alley instead. However, and possibly the most important aspect of this card, is the pentacle golden coin that the "young boy" is focused on and somewhat greedy about.
Hope you enjoy and feed back is appreciated!

Page of Pentacles
by ~vacantalleyways on deviantART
Tags: minor arcana: pentacles
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