angelicfoodcake (angelicfoodcake) wrote in spn_tarot,

The Chariot

Card name:  The Chariot
Author: angelicfoodcake , with thanks to noirbabalon  and bt_kady
Prompt: The Impala
Rating:  G
Artist Notes: First, I encountered a major art block while brainstorming for this card, until I chose a rather simplyfied version of the description, which was the "chariot" and a canopy of stars. I simply couldn't get the other symbols on this card without making it looking overloaded. And I hope that my kind-of sunset is recognizable as my try to get opposing colors into the card.

Since the Impala herself already is kind of black and white, I tried to capture more of a general feeling of "The Chariot" instead of a more faithful design with, well, black and white horses/lions.

Tags: major arcana
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