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The Winchester Arcana

The Supernatural Tarot

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Winchester Arcana
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A Supernatural/Tarot themed art project

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Welcome to Winchester Arcana!

spn_tarot is a themed prompt-based art project community -- inspired by the art and practice of Tarot -- but specifically for the Supernatural fandom. As a participant you take on the challenge of creating one (or however many you want!) piece of art for the prompt of your choice. The aim is to create an entire set of 78 cards that would make up a standard tarot deck covering a wide variety of characters and involving as many talented artists as possible. We accept all kinds of mediums -- paintings, drawings, digital art, textiles, sculpture, photography, collage -- with the aim of keeping the deck as true to Show's aired canon as possible.

As of 24/09/10 we more than completed our original aim of one full tarot deck. In fact it was closer to two! We are now just welcoming any new SPN tarot inspired art featuring new or established characters.

See the completed cards so far HERE or here, which dauntdraws has created for us. (Thanks, sweetie!)



01. Join the Community. (We are currently a moderated community but will approve all applications ASAP)

02. Fill out a short intro here. It's great for everyone to get to know who else is working on the project, plus it's a chance to pimp your work! ;-)

03. Choose a character prompt or card to work with or, if you already have a character in mind or are not sure of a card to work on, check out the lists (including card meanings) below:






04. Make a Claim. Once you have chosen a card/section, please make a claim at our master list here.

If you are unsure of which card to work on, please feel free to ask for assistance. We will help you how we can to find a card that will work best for you.

Once you have claimed a prompt, your name will be added next to it on the list. There is no limit to the amount of artists working on any particular card or character. This list is just so we can keep track.

05. Create! (Yep, the fun bit!) As mentioned before, we welcome artists of all walks of life and levels of experience. However, to give the finished project a uniformed look we do require that each submitted entry follows a few basic rules:

The required size of each finished image is: 3.25 x 4.75 in. = 975 x 1425 px = 8.26 x 12.07 cm; set at 300 dpi and in RGB mode. (CMYK is the proper setting for printing, but it's possibly caused problems for viewing finished cards posted on the comm, so we are using RGB only.) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...MAKE SURE YOUR CARD IS 300DPI AND 975X1425PX BEFORE YOU SEND IT TO KADY TO FINISH. Thanks.

Each finished image will have a thin border and graphics scroll added to it with the card's name. These are color coordinated for each section/suit as follows:

CUPS: Blue
SWORDS: Yellow

Please make sure that you accommodate for the following amount of space at the bottom of your finished image to incorporate the scroll: 1 in. or its' cm equivalent.

We also ask that you please leave large text out of the finished pieces as it tends to clash with the title font once it is added.

Some notes about working on numbered Minor Arcana cards:

When creating a numbered suit card, please aim to include the correct number of symbols IF POSSIBLE.

If this is not possible, please just include at least 1 CLEAR representation of the suit symbol in the image so that the suit that the card belongs to can be easily identified without reading the title of the card.

With court cards (Page, Knight, Queen, King) please just include the relevant suit symbol at least ONCE.

Need Inspiration? Try these links from noirbabalon:

Supernatural Character List
Creating Your Own Tarot Deck Using Collage
"How I made my collage deck
"More useful tips on making a collage deck
"Tarot Cards: My Creative Process"
How to Design Your Own Tarot Cards
Tarot - Wikipedia
Gorgeous collaged tarot deck

or view all the previously completed cards here.

06. Post. When you’ve completed a prompt, contact miki_moo or noirbabalon for the border and card title to be added

When the cards are finished, they will be sent back to the artist to upload to whichever site they wish and post themselves at the comm.

When posting completed prompts to the community, please use something like this following header:

Card name:
Artist Notes: (optional)

The Mods will also post your image to a "Hall of Fame" post on the community, showing all completed cards together.

07. Questions? If you have a question or need further clarification, please feel free to ask by contacting any of the mods!


The Mods
Welcome! You can meet us all here.


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Card meanings
Card meanings
Card meanings
Card meanings



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